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Oferta de empleo: Federal Benefits Claims Representative ? Training level 1:MADRID

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Duración de la oferta: hasta el 23/07/2019


Duties: This is the first training level for position Federal Benefits Claims Representative, FSN-9. In order to become eligible to the next level FSN-8, the incumbent must: - Successfully complete the Social Security Administration (SSA) initial Claims Representative Training Program; - Understand and apply Social Security laws and regulations, and provide correct information to claimants; - Develop and resolve post entitlement issues such as changes of address, termination, suspension or continuation of payments. Consults the Supervisor or co-workers for advise when needed; - Work with officials of the various federal benefits paying agencies, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the U.S. Department of Treasury, the host country?s institutions, and the local banks to process electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments; and - Must be able to successfully code and input SS-5-FS applications for the issuance of Social Security number cards. Periodic reviews conducted by the supervisor must show 95% and over accuracy. Incumbent will be promoted to FSN-8 level upon certification by the supervisor that he/she us satisfactorily performing the duties mentioned above, and that he/she is showing a definite learning capacity.


Requirements: Experience: A minimum of three years of progressively responsible experience in administrative work involving the applications of complex regulatory material. Job Knowledge: Basic knowledge of a vast and complex body of applicable laws and regulations, precedents and procedures, such as Title 20, Chapter III, Title 42, Chapter IV and Title 38 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations; Title II, XVI and XVII of the Social Security Act; selected provisions of the Internal Revenue code; various provisions of Public Laws and Statutes, Social Security Rulings, Acquiescence Rulings; the Social Security Program Operations Manual System, the DVA Handbook for Veteran Benefits Counselors. Basic knowledge of host country laws relating to marriage, divorce, estate and inheritance, adoption, legitimization, social insurance, and banking provisions. Knowledge of federal benefits investigative processes and procedures. Evaluations: Language: Level 4 (fluent) of English speaking/reading/writing. Level 4 (fluent) of Spanish speaking/reading/writing. This may be tested. Skills and abilities: Ability to develop and maintain a wide variety of outside contacts, especially incident to field investigation work, such as with Embassy staff, local registrars and other local government officials. Ability to use tact and sound judgement in dealing with the public. Ability to work independently. Sound writing and interviewing capabilities. Level 1 keyboarding skills.


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Empresa: MADRID

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