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October 21 2018  SpanishSpanish

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Oferta de empleo: Spanish GIS Postproduction Language and Country Editor:BARCELONA

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SELLBYTEL is one of the leading European service providers for Customer Management Solutions with more than 8.000 employees worldwide. SELLBYTEL Group is present on five continents - with five hubs, 26 locations and 31 local offices. Our clients belong to the top 500 business companies.
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Descripción de la oferta

Duración de la oferta: hasta el 21/10/2018


The GIS Postproduction Language and Country Editor is an integral part for the success of the company and responsible for providing an exceptional experience that ensures the success of everyone on the team and the customer experience of a well-known company of new technologies. Postproduction is responsible for content analysis and additions, validation, cleansing, collection and reporting. Analyze and validate data content and assemble new content from various sources, including databases, files/ spreadsheets, and websites. Respond to data inquiries from various groups within an organization. Create and publish regularly scheduled and/or ad hoc reports as needed. Responsibilities include: - Gather data through research - Provide feedback on process and tools. - Run evaluation tools Ensure data integrity. - Collect ground truth data to allow for analysis. - Analyse and validate data content and assemble new content from various sources, including databases, files/spreadsheets, and websites. - Identify and report issues and trends regarding policy, system, tools, and training opportunities. - Participate in special projects and pilots. - Provide support in User Acceptance Testing and other support tasks. - Establish connections with local construction companies, government institutions which may help to keep map up to date - Support production with naming questions and questions requiring local knowledge


Key Qualifications: - Sufficient knowledge of a local European dialect (e. g. Catalan, Basque, Galician, etc.) is a plus. - European driver's licence and proficient driving experience of at least 3 years. - Must have experience in a European country's geography, and driving laws. - Knowledge of cartography or geography (or further geo-sciences) with related work experience in a GIS environment of choice. - Researching and analysing geographic data, perform linguistic source data review and provide feedback on geographic data and correcting addressing source data. - Recommend cartographic improvements based on local market's preferences. - Database experience (knowledge of scripting would be a plus). - Able to produce consistent work in high quality and quantity on a daily basis. - Ability to make decisions in the moment and resolve customer-reported issues in accordance with policy. - Follows exceptional troubleshooting methodology: both procedural and technical. - Demonstrates resourcefulness, attention to detail, sound judgement ability and flexibility. - Ability to provide positive feedback and support to teammates both on site and remotely. - Experience working with large public/commercial datasets would be a plus. - 1 - 3 years of experience in a similar role is preferred. - Prior experience in Maps data curation is desirable. Requirements and Key Qualifications - Native speaker Spanish and fluent in English. - High attention to detail. - Strong research and analytical skills. - Strong organisational skills. - Self-motivating and self-driven. - Excellent written and communication skills. - Proficient car or motorcycle driver Education: - Experience working with GIS Software (ArcGIS, QGIS, Autocad...)

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Offer: - Long-term contract - Full-time contract (39 hours/week) - Salary: 18.000 Euros gross/year + up to 4.000 Euros gross/year - Opportunity to grow ***The recruitment processes and people involved in them (both recruiters and Project Managers) will not discriminate any candidacy because of age, disability, ethnic, marital status, gender, nationality, ideology, politic, race, religion and sexual orientation.***


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